Analiza metod predykcji parametrów zgrzewania złącz metoda friction stir welding

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Friction Stir Welding, image analysis, data mining, inference,
The friction Stir Welding technology is a relatively new method of combining materials with different mechanical and physico-chemical properties. The basic problem is the choice of the welding parameters of the process in such a way as to satisfy the parameters of the joins formed in the strength required for the element then used in further processing. The article describes the state of knowledge in the field of technological and structural aspects of the FSW welds and mechanical properties in order to analyze the possibility of using the methods of information in the problem of parameter selection FSW. The first step in research is to systematize the knowledge of welding process parameters and characteristics of FSW joints. The analysis obtained discrete numerical data describing the parameters of production and a monochrome digital images. This information is the basis for the second stage of analysis which focused on the selection of data processing methods that allow for the discovery and codification of knowledge about the relationships between the welding parameters and the properties of the joints. The practical goal is to design and implement an IT system that will allow you to automate the selection of welding parameters in order to obtain connectors on selected properties.

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