An investigation of the trabecular bone microstructure using histomorphometric parameters based on X-ray microcomputed tomography

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trabecular bone, histomorphometry, X-ray microcomputed tomography,
Notes in Computer Science (Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics – Information Technologies in Biomedicine
Assessment of bone histomorphometry allows to determine the condition of the bones and thus to predict the occurrence, course, treatment planning and recovery for certain conditions within the skeletal system. Noninvasive acquisition of information about the structure of the bone on the basis of image data makes it possible in a relatively fast and easy way to determine a number of key parameters describing the bone. As part of the study, the number of histomorphometric parameters for samples from different patients and various areas of cancellous bone were determined and compared based on images from X-ray microcomputed tomography. Samples of cancellous bone, in the form of cubes, derived from healthy subjects and patients diagnosed with a osteoarthritis and also from the core of the femoral head and from peripheral areas. The results demonstrate the significant differences in the structure of trabecular bone tissue derived from different people.

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